Wednesday Apr 26

Beethovens Guitar Shred

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The Great Kat is actually Katherine Thomas who is famous for her thrash metal interpretations of well known pieces of classical music. Although she is an accomplished violinist, this concentrates on her virtuoso use of the electric guitar.

According to her website, Guitar One magazine listed her as one of the "Ten Fastest Shredders of All Time". Certainly she attacks these tracks with gusto. Shredding is mainly fast passages along with finger tapping and Kat gets through a number of well known pieces at breakneck speed.

Her stage get up is all leather and studs, and butch poses, and it is clear that getting dressed takes longer than the actual playing.

There are seven main tracks here, with four of them being classical interpretataions (Flight of the bumble bee, Paganini's Caprice #24, Beethvens 5th and Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #3) along with some of her
own compositions with catchy titles such as Blood and Islamofascists. The latter show that she is struggling to introduce creativity at the same time as keeping up the speed.

The more well known pieces are interesting in as much as you want to see and hear how she will deal with them, but the whole seven tracks are over in record time. The rest of the DVD has a cartoon, which is a 45 second version of flight of the bumblebee showing her morphing into a monster and whacking giant bees out of the sky with her guitar, as well as links to websites a fast moving photo gallery, a hotchpotch of famous characters from the past and a brief video of Bach's fugue.

There is a budget price of under £6, because of the shortness of the DVD.